13 years of changing lives and organizations

What’s Next
October 13, 2020

13 years of changing lives and organizations.

NEXT campus evolved from a small idea adding value to the higher education sector to an organization that continues to leave its mark. We have the largest master’s portfolio, an unparalleled faculty coupled with an unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional programs that graduate individuals who make up the most influential alumni in Sri Lanka.

13 whole years and sometimes it’s still as if it were day 01 all over again. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey. Here’s to staying dedicated, passionate, and determined for all the years to come.

To the small idea, small building and small team.

Thank you for cramped spaces, loyalty and belief.

To the plastic chairs, nerves and those two students.

The seminars, the parties and talent shows.

The stories that lifted us and the rumors that tested us.

Thank you to the classrooms, technology, better chairs.

Thank you to Darwin.

Thank you to partners, sponsors and advisors.

To friends in UK and friends around the world

To teacher’s days, valentine’s, to Christmas.

To the lecturers that strive for perfection.

To the students who constantly raise the bar.

To those who fell asleep in class. To those who fell in love.

To assignments, grading systems and arguments.

To 2016, the lanterns and hopes.

Thank you for the graduation ceremony, the ball and everything in between.

Thank you to the graduates, batch tops and wildcards.

Thank you for love, inspiration and legacies.

To the haters, trolls & non believers.

Thank you to family. To those we miss.

Thank you for #changing lives #changing organizations

Thank you for a decade, 13 years and 100 more to come.